ALEMANOL Truck Maxx 10W-40

ALEMANOL Truck Maxx 10W-40

Alemanol Truck Maxx 10W-40 is a top class super long-term engine oil which is specially developed for use in all vehicles with and without turbocharging. Moreover, it can also be used in a large proportion of cars, trucks, busses and work machines. It guarantees problem-free year-round use without restrictions.

Due to its very high additivation the product has a very good oxidation and ageing stability. It excellently protects against wear and deposits, even in short-distance traffic. The large performance offers further advantages, even with higher sulfur contents of the diesel fuel. It reliably prevents siltation and thus extends the replacement interval. Alemanol Truck Maxx 10W-40 is designed to positively contribute to the fuel economy of vehicles without exhaust aftertreatment, to protect turbocharger components and to enable a rationalizing application.


  • very high wear protection, even under higher loads
  • very good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • very attractive cold start properties
  • high operating safety
  • excellent aging and corrosion protection
  • very high engine cleanliness
SAE 10W-40
Global DHD-1
Recommended and tested where the following specifications and filling instructions are required:

Caterpillar ECF-2
Cummins CES 20078
Cummins CES 20077
Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215
Iveco 18-1804
Mack EO-M
Mack EO-N
MAN M3377
MAN M3277
MB 228.5
MTU DDC Type 3
Renault RLD-2
Renault RXD
Scania LDF-2
Scania LDF
Volvo VDS-3