Masterexx EP Blue 500g

Masterexx EP Blue

Masterexx EP Blue is an extremely resilient, age-stable and outstandingly field-proven multi-purpose grease based on lithium complex soap. This high-performance grease is applicable for high temperature applications, is water repellent and protects against corrosion. Masterexx EP Blue is ideally suited for the lubrication of bearings in industry, for commercial vehicles and for construction and agricultural machinery.

Masterexx EP Blue is a lithium complex grease of the latest generation. As a high-temperature grease, it is ideally suited for the long-term lubrication of rolling and plain bearings under high loads and high temperatures. Due to its improved mechanical and thermal stability, it has a much wider range of applications than conventional lithium saponified multi-purpose greases. Its structure makes it suitable for high temperature loaded fast rotating wheel bearings. Also excellent over extremely long periods for use in rolling and plain bearings at high operating temperatures, e.g. bearings on annealing and drying furnaces, conveyor systems and hot-blast and exhaust fans.


  • high adhesion
  • reduces wear
  • compatible and miscible with conventional lithium-based greases
  • blue colored
  • good high-temperature resistance
  • acid-free
  • protects against rust and tribocorrosion

DIN 51502

Recommended and tested where the following specifications and filling instructions are required:

Volvo 1277.2