Masterexx MP 500g

Masterexx MP

Masterexx MP is a light-colored high-pressure grease for the long-term lubrication of rolling and plain bearings under high loads. It is based on high-quality mineral oil in combination with lithium soap as thickener. Due to its structure, it is water repellent and protects against corrosion. A high-quality multi-purpose grease suitable for industrial as well as automotive applications.

Special additives give the grease special wear-reducing properties and excellent corrosion protection. The product is trowel resistant and water repellent. It is proven in numerous industrial applications and in automotive engineering. It can be used in highly loaded rolling and plain bearings, such as cylindrical and tapered roller bearings, also under axial thrust, in rolling mill bearings, wheel bearings on construction machinery, crusher bearings, cardan shafts and other plain bearings. It is also excellently suited and field-proven in central lubrication systems.


  • soft and smooth
  • very good water resistance
  • good compatibility with many commercially used seals
  • suitable for central lubrication systems
  • long-term stability, therefore long service life and cost reduction
  • acid-free
  • excellent oxidation stability

DIN 51502

Recommended and tested where the following specifications and filling instructions are required:

MB 283 Li-P
MB 267.0